About Our School


We aim to provide the best possible education and therapy for learners with specialized needs according to their ability regardless of race, religion, language or gender.


We are committed to:
  • Provide a safe, caring, healthy environment for our learners.
  • Encouraging and assisting our learners to develop to their maximum potential mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Providing within our means the best possible facilities and resources for our learners.
  • Encouraging our learners to respect others rights, languages, culture and traditions.
  • Developing involvement of parents in all aspects of their child’s education and life of the school.
  • Providing a supportive and stimulating environment for the staff to encourage their personal and professional development.

      1970 Forest Town Day Care centre was founded and three children with specialized educational needs enrolled.
      1974 Name changed to Doug Whitehead day Care Centre in honour of the deceased Chairman of Forest Town School.
      1975 Prefabricated classrooms were erected and Mr. D.K. Meier became the first Principal. Twelve pupils were enrolled and 2
    staff members were appointed 
      1976 The Centre moved to the old Rosebank Primary School and became known as Doug Whitehead Training Centre where approximately 50 children were enrolled.
      1980 The Ursuline Convent in Kensington was purchased and the Centre moved there.
      1983 The Center amalgamated with Little Eden Training Centre and the number of children increased to 120.
      1988 The name changed to Doug Whitehead School for specialized
      1982 - 2000 Mrs. Jupp was appointed as the Principal of the school.
      April 2001 - July 2006 Mrs. P. Singh was appointed as Principal.
      July 2006 - to-date Mrs. J.F. Mthembi has been Acting Principal.