Principal Foreword

Doug Whitehead School is a special school for 189 learners between the ages of 6 and 19 years old. All these learners are severely mentally challenged. Many of our learners have multiple disabilities. Some learners are in wheelchairs, many are epileptic. We have autistic learners as well as learners with visual and audial disabilities.

The school strives to provide specialized teaching, training and therapy in a happy nurturing environment so that each child can achieve his or her maximum potential in all areas of development. Children with disabilities have a right to learn how to become as self-sufficient as possible to enable them to integrate more easily into society.

We strive to build a culture that ensures that learners feel valued and cared for. The level of development of learners and their disabilities are taken into consideration.

The school recognizes and responds to the diverse needs of learners. We have functional SGB and parents support. The staff has shown remarkable dedication and understanding. Doug Whitehead schools grow from strength to strength. Perseverance is our school motto and we will continue to persevere.